Sabtu, 22 Disember 2012

Anyang Haseyo..

                  haha.. hai everybody!!! maybe some of u already know me or maybe wanna know me or maybe dont know me or maybe never want to know me... oh!byknya maybe..hehe.. walaubagaimanapun, thanks for lending ur eyes and minds to read my posts although it just a ordinary or "boring"one.. thanks...
     Actually this is my second blog after almost 1 and a half years, i left this blogging world.. this kinda weird for me to make a new blog but however, i still feel happy...
    Before i go futher,i wanna say sorry if
          1) my post/blog had or will hurt ur feelings or not interesting
          2) my languange is so hard to understand
          3) i write or add something 'awlful' in my blog

*i just wanna be me...

and a very tq to u for giving supports,comments,feedback or visit me..kamsahamida!!

    For my second blog, i wanna make it a little chicky and more extravaganza at first but as i think more about it.. finally i decide to make it simple as i'm also just a simple girl...so...that's all for my first post...see u then...Haike!! :)

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